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A Comprehensive Guide To Web Design

Nov 14, 2020 2 min read
A Comprehensive Guide To Web Design

User experience has become the most important concept in web and app design. It has even become a buzzword in recent years. How to improve the user experience of the website is  “a headache” for every designer. This article was written by UX designer Nick Bacchic, an expert in the subject matter.In this article, Nick focuses on the main principles, heuristics, and approaches that will help you to create a great user experience for your website:start with global things like the user journey (how to define the “skeleton” of the website) and work down to the individual page (what should be considered during web page design).

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He also covers other essential aspects of design such as mobile considerations and testing.The "learnability" of a website means that users can quickly understand your website’s content. Mobile APP design can solve this problem through an introductory tutorial, but it is not practical for websites to use lengthy tutorials to guide the users. The user may know how to browse your website, but the goal is to make it easier for users.This article explains how to use the “learnability” principle to design a website, and it covers the best practices and design techniques you can use, too.

People are visual creatures. Visual information is more likely to leave a deep impression on people's minds than text. Website design should not only pay attention to user experience design but should also have a good visual design. The user's first impression is very important, so designing a website with good visual effect is crucial. And, in order to do so, you must must understand the principle of visual hierarchy design.This article provides you with the best visual hierarchy design principles and tips. It also includes a lot of design examples for inspiration.I think all web designers have their own collection of web design resources or web design blogs for reference.

This article lists 80 free web design resources for web designers, including web design inspiration, color pickers, free image resources, free font resources, and more.


These are some of the best articles on web design in the first half of 2018. I highly suggest bookmarking them and reading them when you find the time. Better yet, set aside time for your professional development!

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